Jewellery Trends for SS15

Here at Urbiana, we have compiled the most talked-about jewellery trends that you can expect to see on the streets of London and get your hands on for the current Spring/Summer season.


1. beadmania

Featured: DRAGON BIB CHOKER, £25

Beads remain key materials for youthful summer bangles, wristlets, chokers and earrings with folk and native-inspired beaded embroideries that will continue on for the boho festival looks we’ll all be sporting this summer!


2. cuffs


The ever-faithful cuff has been given a new lease of life for SS15. Precious metals, ornate gilded motifs and natural materials like wood and bone, adorned with precious stones give the cuff an elevated feel. We also see shiny metal cuff bracelets in wider widths, mixed with enamel and indentations in both silver and gold.


3. statement collars


Expect to see shorter collar-length necklaces in over-the-top designs this summer! Think intricate ornamentation, twisted metals and plastic charms. Team your statement collar with neutrals for understated chic, or go all out and pair with a clashing colour.


4. stacking rings


Multi-finger stacking rings have made a strong appearance on both the runway and the street this spring and continue for summer, with both simple metal and crystal-encrusted designs being most coveted. These delicate bands are found embellishing the mid-finger too, rather than the standard ring placement. Also looks great with freshly-manicured nails!


5. minimalistic


A refreshing twist to the trends we’ve documented for SS15 – minimalism has made a comeback! The simple and stunningly effective designs of minimalist jewellery have evolved, with subtle texturing and tones being seen on earrings, mid-arm cuffs and chokers.

As always, don’t forget to tag us in a selfie wearing your Urbiana goodies with the hashtag #Urbiana and you could be in with a chance of winning £70 worth of Urbiana jewellery!




Here Comes the Sun!

Hello again and a very belated happy new year! Apologies for not blogging in a while, hopefully you’ve been keeping up to date with us on Instagram or Facebook though instead! We’ve got two important bits of news for you today: a round up of our new collection and some exciting news about our 1st birthday!

Can you believe it’s almost spring? Cliché though it is, time is just flying by this year! Whilst the weather outside is still pretty bleak, we’re whiling away the days until its acceptable to whip out our shorts, fire up the BBQ and blast our summer tunes. And with only a few weeks until the clocks go forward, we’re handpicking a selection of our favourite pieces from our SS15 collection – which is available online now – after all, it’s never too early to start your summer holiday shop, is it?


  1. Sleek and delicate, this bronze Hamsa collar is perfect for that sophisticated yet edgy look.
  2. Brighten up your wardrobe with this statement sixties-inspired necklace– just the thing you need to transform casual outfits!
  3. If you’re looking for something on-trend but a little different, this animalistic gecko collar is the piece for you.
  4. Perfect for dinner dates or cocktails with friends. You’ll definitely turn heads with this beautifully timeless pianist necklace.


  1. Add a hint of times-gone-by with this elegant imprint ring.
  2. A simple yet stylish bracelet, this classic etched bracelet is perfect for everyday wear.
  3. Another simple yet quirky piece, this bolt ring will fit seamlessly into your jewellery box.
  4. A firm favourite here at Urbiana, this beautiful gold wrap around bracelet just oozes glamour and long summer nights.
  5. Boldly go where no woman has gone before with this stunning galactica ring this summer!
  6. Our billow cuff bracelet, available in silver or gold, is the ultimate day-to-night piece of jewellery this season.

We’ll be posting our top picks from our handbags and accessories soon too so stay tuned!

Also, don’t forget to tag us in a selfie wearing your Urbiana goodies with the hashtag #Urbiana and you could be in with a chance of winning £70 worth of Urbiana jewellery!

And one more thing before we go – it’s our 1st birthday on 20th March! We’ll be throwing a little party to celebrate and we’d love for you to join us. Make sure you’ve signed up for our newsletter to receive all the details.



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Urbianas Autumn Top 5

Although we miss summer here at Urbiana, we realise it isn’t all bad news entering autumn. For one thing we can revamp our whole wardrobe and style, and for us girls, we definitely don’t need much persuasion when it comes to shopping. So what are we excited about this autumn?

Here are Urbianas Top 5 Must Haves this fall.

1. The Leather Jacket.

As all girls know who own one of these trusted items, it is a must have in every girls wardrobe. From covering you on a chilly night out with the girls, to combining with a pair of jeans and a tank top, it is the one of the most chic ways to cover up. Here is Kate Moss flawlessly showcasing its simple brilliance.

Kate Moss

2. Flatforms.

We fully embraced them this summer with our chunky sandals, so why put away the flatform shoe just yet? The great news about these trendy shoes is that they’re not only elongating our legs to make us look skinny! They’re great when it comes to puddles, no wet feet for us this autumn!

Long Legs

3. Statement Jewellery.

When will statement jewellery become boring? It is one of the simplest yet effective ways to glam up any outfit. Whether you’re heading into work and want to give your office wear a bit more zhush, to finishing your outfit on a night out. These items will never become old.

Jewellery blog

4. Knitted Jumpers.

Personally one of my favourite things about winter is wrapping up! As days get cooler there is nothing more comfy than putting on a snug jumper. Although wearing jumpers may not be seen as the most fashionable item, pair up with a piece of jewellery (as mentioned in our last favourite item) and voila! Not only are you comfy, you look chic!

Knitted Jumpers

5. The Swingin’ 60s

Yes the 60’s is back! Apart from being one of the most influential decades in the past century, it unquestionably was one of the trendiest. With today’s fashion revamping its exclusive style over and over again, it gives us a chance this fall to celebrate its individual style again and look “oh so vintage”.


The Last of the Summer Styling

Fashion is a constant learning curve.

And at Urbiana we embrace the lessons we received from the fashion world. Styling is definitely a big learner, we have to learn what suits us and what is in at the moment and produce something that fits both those options.

And as the summer is coming to a end we thought that you should finish it looking your best, so below we have come up with a few looks so you can find what suits you best!


For the Curvy Ladies:

It can be hard finding outfits that makes us look slim, especially when some also need to show off their curves.

Black Maxi Dress + Spiked Woven Statement Necklace with Beads (in Pink) = Glamourous!


This outfit is perfect for summer, maxi dress is cooling, but because it is black is adds a lovely slimming effect. However black can be a little gloomy so we’ve added a bright pink and gold statement necklace to brighten everything up!


For the Tall Ladies:

Although most of us dream of having long luxurious legs, being tall can sometimes be a pain.

Two Toned Top + Gold Etched Egyptian Statement Cuff = Wowza

two tones topIMG_8861_copy

With tall ladies we need to create sections, so a two toned top will cut the torso in half and by also adding different coloured skirt/shorts you can create a third section. With jewellery go for a long cuff bracelet, this will also cut your long arms into sections, for best results wear a cuff on each arm.


For the Petite Ladies:

Peitie ladies know the struggle of always trying to look taller, they can get away with wearing most things, however they need to elongate themselves.

High Heels + Stunning Fringe Dangle Earrings (in Silver) = Gorgeous!


As always, a pair of heels will go a long way, these silver heels go with almost any outfit and are the perfect size to give a petite lady a bit of a boost up. Adding a matching colour set of long dangly earrings with help elongate the face and make the neck appear longer, giving an overall heightened appearance. For best results wear your hair up.


Come on ladies lets make the most of the last of the Summer weather!!


News from a far…


It’s been a month since Urbiana set their feet on the sands of the beautiful Cabo Roig in Spain.

We had the most spectacular venue for our first abroad photo-shoot and didn’t we get some good pictures! It has long been a dream of ours to venture out into the fantastic weather that other countries will offer us and finally equipped with our amazing team, this became a reality.


With the height of summer upon us, we endeavour to show all of our lovely customers how spectacular you can look on your holidays, with our accessorises enhancing your already amazing self’s. We will be releasing the new photos shortly, so don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on our website for these new inspirations.

Being out and about in the heat was definitely a challenge for our team. With constant reapplying of make-up, trying to get the best shots in the sunlight (thank god for sunglasses) and the re-application of sun cream, it was by far the hottest shoot yet.

The photographer also had a treat with the naturally beautiful landscapes. So many angles and areas to choose from, but with a few hours of walking involved (I must say it was quite intense).10483194_10152465779609886_3028740258998377511_n  

In this blog we have included some of our behind the scenes photos, with the vast amount of restaurants and cafes the team were spoilt for choice, and our apartment was also amazing, have a look and be envious.   All in all we had an absolutely fantastic time and hopefully we will be seeing more of the world for our shoots.



Cheat Your Way to Glamper Looks: 5 Items All Festival Goers Need

Cheat Your Way to Glamper Looks: 5 Items All Festival Goers Need

The festival season is upon us and all the creative juices are flowing. Festival Fashion is a big deal for us fashionistas, but when you’re not of celebrity nature you won’t have the chance to glamp and you won’t have people to heave your luggage around. We infamous people have to lug around our own bags and the last thing we need is something ridiculously heavy. A few staple items can go a long way, so make sure you’re packing sensibly and fashion forward this year with a few Urbiana tips:

1. For any festival goer, bracelets are always a staple item. When you go to a festival, you wear a band, which quickly becomes your new favourite accessory. Adding more bracelets along side this is the ultimate look. Save space with the ‘Multi-coloured Beaded Statement Cuff.’ This bracelet is just one piece, however it’s appearance suggests several bracelets, perfect for festival chic. RRP £18.00

2. For the true festival campers out there, we know that showering just doesn’t occur. Dry shampoo and plaits can only do so much, so the best addition for these true campers is a hat. Trilby’s just shout festival hair, don’t let the grease get you down! ‘Trilby Hat’ RRP £25.00

3. This may not be the most practical of items, but we all have to have one statement piece! Festivals are a perfect time to wear some whacky clothes and accessories, so if you are going to make any piece your statement ‘go to’ it has to be the ‘Extra Long Fringe Necklace’. This bad boy is not only perfect for bringing something new and different to the table, but fringing looks have always been part of festival fashion, especially this year as it was featured in SS14 collections everywhere. RRP £15.00

4. This staple has a two-fold purpose. When you are going mad in the crowds of people on the outskirts or in the mosh pits, you do not want to get some dangly earrings ripped out (*wince*). Opt for studs, there is a smaller chance of these falling out and/or being ripped out! Another reason why I am loving these earrings is for space savings reasons. They are gold and silver which means that you don’t have to worry about matching your metals. Leave them in all weekend and you’ll be set! ‘Classic Silver and Gold Simple Studs’ RRP £10.00

5. Most people can get away with leaving their items in their tents (preferably locked), however if you are like me you may have certain items you need to keep on you and let’s face it, sometimes you don’t have pockets and sometimes there is just not enough room in the small pockets you do have. For times like these, you need a small bag with a strap to put over our shoulders. Enter the ‘Tibetan Inspired Purse’. This bag is the perfect size and has a chain to go over your shoulder, brilliant! Plus it’s ethnic style is a perfect festival look. 10/10. RRP from £49.99

Make a Statement.

When the wet weather comes in we all need a bit of inspiration of what to wear to brighten up the days. Got a date this weekend? Going on holiday? Sorting what to wear at work?
Here are 3 of many combo’s for how to wear a statement necklace.

Click here for statement necklaces

1. Office Wear – it’s a Monday morning and the last thing you want to do is decide on your work outfit. So you put on a plain white shirt….but it doesn’t have to look plain at all, with the ‘Tribal Necklace with Turquoise Beads’, button up your collar and whack this piece on and you’ll feel at the height of fashion with minimal effort. No-one will ever suspect that you didn’t spend all morning on your outfit, you can breeze into work knowing that your fashion secure!

2. Departure Lounge – Finally, its the morning your holiday starts, after long weeks at the office. But what can you wear to the airport that’s comfy, classic and will get you in the holiday spirit? I’d opt for a black maxi dress. Maxi dress = Summer Fun, but is also super comfy and casual. Pair this dark colour with the ‘Angular Silver Necklace with Coloured Beading’. Its bright orange and blues scream sun, sea and relaxation. Everyone that you pass at the airport will know you are going somewhere, HOT, HOT, HOT. You’ll ooze serenity.

3. Date Night – Whether it’s a first date or date night with you’re other half, us girls always want to look good on a date! You want to channel romance with a style punch. I would go for the Parisian look, what screams romance more than the city of love? Opt for a stripy black and white crop top with a flouncy skirt. Add the ‘Statement Floral Bib’ necklace, the pastels and floral effects give off a girly vibe. You’ll also be super in style as big florals are a SS14 must have!

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Three, Two, One…LAUNCH



Get involved with Us!

We’ve had a lot of excitement since the last blog we wrote, Team Urbiana has been completely taken with all the new ideas and products that have come in to our grasp as of late.

Lots of new designs and busy work has been done in order to bring not only the new collections to you (our lovely customers) but also to our BRAND SPANKING NEW store on Brick Lane!

As you know the store has been under construction for some time and finally having the shop open is just amazing, our launch party saw lots of people having a blast, one of which was none other than fashion blogger Dana Cristina Straut! Dana is a blogger at FashionTag and also works as a fashion writer for various publications in UK and USA. It feels so good to finally get out there. Store Launch, Success!

We’ve finally hit the streets and hotting up London’s accessories scene, come visit us, (we don’t bite) we love seeing new faces so come meet us and our products. We’ve got a lot on offer for you and with all new products there’s a lot to enjoy. For any of you out there that did not attend the launch party, sneak peek photos are now uploaded (including a photo of a DANCE show that was going on outside of our store!) on our Facebook, so go and check them out!!

As for all the products we have a few new collections to introduce you too such as:

Swarovski elements
Statement Necklaces
Vintage Looks
Ethnic/ Tribal Products
Simple Pieces

In other big news, we featured in the Spectra Fashion show in London with some of our new collections, please check out the video link below for the fantastic models that wore our pieces!

Watch this space for future updates…>

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Opening Month From Feb to March


It’s been rather busy here at Urbiana as of late!
We’ve been making all the preparations for our new store launch, which is extremely exciting! We’re opening on Brick Lane, one of the most fashionable areas in London. For those that have not yet had the pleasure of shopping on Brick Lane I urge you to go for a day, the vintage shops are amazing, of course don’t forget to pop in and show you face in our new store from March onwards.

We’re also in the process of creating our new capsule collections, so please get hyped up and continue to check our website for all new products, if you haven’t given our website a look yet, check it out at
You may be surprise at what you find. We always do our part to source the best products for you guys, we strive to keep up with the trends (in our own unique way of course). And if you’re not sure how to match up our products, then keep your eye on our twitter, facebook, or Instagram pages as we regularly update them, at the moment we’re matching our products with all the SS14 fashion.

PLEASE if you are stuck on what accessories to match up with the latest trends send a question our way on facebook or twitter. Make sure to hashtag #urbiana and #emontrends. Spread the word.

Stay tuned for our weekly spill….

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Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Urbiana

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Urbiana

We are so excited to show you the new collections designed for S/S14 at our store Launch in Febuary on Brick Lane.
Until then stay on trend with our forever stylish statement pieces. Take a daring step in the bold fashion department with a chunky ring in Hot Pink to update your look from Drab to Glam in a second!
Be Brave, Be Bold, Be URBIANA

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